World Poetry Day 2015: Nehal Elmeligy

A friend’s thoughts about Cairo for World Poetry Day. Check it out!

Pen Powered Mic

The fourth poem we have for World Poetry Day is titled ‘You are Not My Mother’, written and recited by Nehal Elmeligy. It is a piece triggered by an accident where a 19-year old university student in Egypt was ran over by a bus on campus, causing her death.

About the Poet
Nehal Elmeligy is a TESOL teacher, freelance writer, and Fulbright Alumna. She has taught English at Berlitz and the British Council in Egypt. Her writing has appeared in the state-owned newspaper, Al Ahram Weekly, and the online news platform, Egyptian Streets.

She mainly writes feature and opinion pieces, and this in fact is the first poem she’s written since 2012. You can read her published and unpublished pieces at:

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