Born to be Hot

Raised eyebrow. Wide eyes. Mouth slightly ajar. I guess I have this effect on people sometimes – when I make outbursts like:

I wasn’t created to live in a cold country!

Although some people go into a mini state of shock when I say that, I still stand by my words: I simply do – not – like – cold – weather. There.

I was born in Nigeria, (Yes, you DID know. Didn’t you? No? Moving on.) and although I was raised in the UK and learned to deal with the weather tantrums, living in Egypt was an absolute breath of fresh air. *sigh* No, the air wasn’t fresh, but you know what I mean. It was cool… in the ‘cool’ sort of way. Ya3ny fantastic. I loved it, and despite being veiled and having a love for cardigans (which I miraculously donned in 40 degrees without sweating!), I was in a climate I believe God created me to be in.

So you can understand my plight as I stare down past my chilled nose and at my half-frozen fingers, wondering why England can’t simply be moved to the middle of the Equator so I can still be snug in my beloved wraparound cardigans. Yes, it sounds crazy, but I do wonder about such things.

I am not going to like winter at all here at all – I can’t say I ever have –  and you can imagine the screech that escaped my chest tonight when my son asked, “Mummy, when’s it going to snow?” Like… what?!  I’m absolutely not ready (or praying) for that any time soon!

God help him… God help us… God, help me stay freeze-free. I was born in the heat, so I guess I was born to be hot.

– LaYinka S. (The Londoner)


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  1. Lol Masha Allah. I can truly appreciate this post xxx

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