The Londoner


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I’m The Londoner (also known as LaYinka Sanni), and I’m sure you’ve gathered that I’m female! Glad we got that out of the way, ‘cos my alias can easily leave you imagining me to be a frumpy, beer-bellied old man (no offense to those like that, of course!). I’m a Londoner as I’ve lived in London all but 3 years of my life, and know no other city better.

I’m a traveller, not because I’ve been to many countries, but because this world is only a passing destination before the next life. And as a traveller by title, I hope to actually do some travelling, and my chosen landscape to roam is Egypt. Okay, I’m not exactly roaming, I’m living and teaching here. and was blessed to have lived, worked and travelled in Egypt for a year.

I’ll be rambling and documenting things that I learnt, saw and heard (and probably smelt), and hope to shed some light on the mysteries of the land that holds history deep within its sands, alongside snippets of life back in London.

Join me if you wish…

– LaYinka S. (The Londoner)


This blog began in 2010, the epic year when so many life-changing events occurred and I was graced with the opportunity to work and live in Egypt. This blessing lasted for exactly a year, and as of 1st September 2011 I’m back in England with some sort of a back burner exit plan to return to Cairo, God willing. Some day.