The Tumultuous Months of 2011

October – the month when what I wanted and what I needed to do had several fistfights. It was the month when I gritted my teeth, bit my tongue and refused to debase myself through streaks of anger. It was the month that I embraced the knowledge that God is the best of avengers and that each man (and woman) will reap what they deserve from the seeds they sow. It was the month when goodbyes had to be dealt as I waved my mother off to Nigeria’s warm land, advising her to be good and stay out of trouble as she departed from sight’s view. It was the month that I felt the most alone, the most displaced, and realised just how much of an anchor that beautiful woman is. That month was October.

November – the month when the pieces of the jigsaw of my life started to fall into place, and when I realised just how much is attached to having a home and not just a house. It was the month when rights began to be reinstated, when my mother status was re-upgraded to mum and my son declared to his sister that, ‘she came back for us!’ It was the month that a student told me that our class is a family, and when I realised that my job far exceeds the theatrics of teaching English when the news reached me of a student who had been detained for deportation back to Afghanistan. It was the month I knew of my attachment to my students and it dawned on me just how much I love the work I do. That month was November.

December – the month I became aware of just how young I look when I was asked whether I’m a student in my students’ class, and the month when a student declared that ‘if any guy tries to smile at you, we’ll beat him up’ before we set-off on a class outing. It was the month that I uncovered undiscovered writing talent in a creative writing workshop I led, and was given the news that my short story won a contest overseas. It was the month my pen was most prolific, producing the most pieces of writing in any given month. It was the final month of a turbulent year, and the month when I can flash the brightest smile and say ‘2011 was epicness in all the ups, downs and everything in-between, and I’m glad I got through it.’

– LaYinka S.

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