Story of an On The Run

I do not personally wish to delve into rhetoric about the recent looting and riots in London, because as it stands, I’m an outsider looking in as I have not lived in London for a year, and don’t feel best placed to pass opinion.

However, I witnessed part of the Egyptian revolution and could not have been more proud to have seen a country that had been silenced for 30 years, awake from slumber, and I only hope that the politicians in the UK do so before the country spirals into more destruction. And speaking of destruction, I witnessed just that outside my window during the Egyptian revolution at a Mobil/ On the Run petrol station.

From the time I moved into my flat last year, this petrol station had always been buzzing with vehicles passing for either a refuel of petrol or people stocking up on food and drinks (and in a lot of cases, cigarettes as well!).

Bustling with pollution

They decided to close shop on the morning of Friday 28th January 2011 – they could sense the dangers of the protests were bigger than most people thought…

Day of Protests, Day of Closure

… and by the evening, their fears were proven right. Looted. The petrol station was looted over 10 times that night, and I saw a pick-up truck pull up to take all the tables and chairs away. I’d say that they robbed it clean, but the mess was astounding.

Evening of Protest, Evening of Sadness

I wondered whether they’d open again, and within 2 months, petrol was being pumped, but the shop area was still off limits. And within 6 months, it was back on its feet.

On the Run, up and running

Tonight? A moment of peace as most people engaged in the eat what we can activity as the sun set…

12th Day of Ramadan, 8 months after Protest

… and the staff were able to break their fast tonight, in safety and peace.

Staff stopping for a food refuel

The story of the On the Run? Things can get better after they are at their worst.

– The Londoner


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