Let’s Ride

Smooth hazelnut with a splash of vanilla – beneath me I could feel her strength and the direction in which she pricked her ears told me when I had wronged her.

She took me, yet I remained in control; I guided despite her being in the lead. I moved to her rhythm until we were comfortable to dance in time to the same beat.


In the great expanse of golden grains and rocks; amongst the load men of old had placed one upon the other; within the vicinity of the chambers of men who thought they’d never die, we ran and laughed with the winds competing against us in the opposite direction.

In a moment of stillness we touched, the melted chocolate of her gaze swirled within the darkness of mine and a tear fell. My apology had hastened itself despite me not releasing it from the entrapment of my throat. I placed a hand on her head, gently pushing aside the strands that had fallen between her eyes and rested lazily along the length of her nose.

She told me of how she’d been whipped, made to perform above the ability God had bestowed upon her, and kicked when her underbelly was plump with the swelling of a new life-form. She once resisted against me, thinking we were all the same: takers who gave nothing in return. But I stroked her, whispered to her, and refused to use the lash.

Standing unshaded in an expanse of nothingness, I professed my love for her, and she said for the final time, ‘Come, my love, hold my reins – let’s ride’.

– The Londoner

Gameela & I


Posted on July 28, 2011, in Slice of Creativity, Snippet of Moi and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I love this line O ” I moved to her rhythm until we were comfortable to dance in time to the same beat.” I remember you telling how she wanted to go back to the stable. I love the whole piece.You have been deeply touched by a being;not a human being. And I find that amazing,just shows how pure you are.And this piece shows how capable you are of expressing it.

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