Days like these…

Everything that I’ve said about Cairo up until this post is true – no doubt about it – but for the sake of balance and sheer realness, here’s a rant post. I love Cairo… just in case it’s not been obvious from previous posts, but as with any place, thing or person one loves, Cairo isn’t perfect.

There are days when you want fresh air and not the exhaust-fume riddled variety. There are days when you don’t want to be reminded about how bad the traffic is outside, while you’re in your living room trying to chillax with a good book – honking does not clear traffic, ya masriyeen.

There are days when the checkout dude’s supposed compliment of “I want to see you every day” and his quizzing of, “Why you not married, eh?” begs the response of “It’s none of your blinking business!” rather than the real answer of, “There are no men, my friend.”

There are days when you’d like a quiet, grassy spot under the shade of a tree to just unwind and allow one’s thoughts to flutter from one’s mind, but Al Azhar Park isn’t that spot because love-bird central is a weird place to hangout alone.

There are days when you really wish you didn’t have to sit in the dusty heat at the back of a taxi for over half an hour just to get to work, when it should really take 10 mins.

But then again, there are days when a 100g box of Toblerone makes such days all right after all.

– The Londoner


Posted on June 12, 2011, in Ruminations about Cairo, Snippet of Moi. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I enjoyed that a lot. My favourite line of yours thus far “honking does not clear traffic, ya masriyeen.” I actually laughed out loud and I don’t often do that when I read. And as for Al Azhar Park, yes it’s couples R us, but at least they are not half naked and practically conceiving in public like my poor kids had to see in Hyde Park, forget get a room, there were times I wondered if someone would offer them contraception! But still, you’re right it’s no place to go alone and that’s a shame.

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