I was almost certain that the Russians had taken over, morphed themselves into a new skin and posed as Egyptians; how else could so many Masris speak Russian? This was all until I heard a totally unexpected shout as a friend and I ignored calls from guys who for some reason seemed to think we would be interested in their leers (raised eyebrow moment!).

It was quite a distinct shout, and one I regularly say to colleagues in gest. But it was the oddness of how the glottal stop was correctly articulated by an Egyptian Egyptian that made me stop in my tracks and turn (no, that’s not a typo).

“Wa’ever?! Did he just say ‘Wa’ever’?”

I couldn’t believe it – it was pure Eastenders style – cockney accent and all! My inquisitive side wanted to know what else he had picked up from Brits who holidayed in Sharm, but my sensible side (as well as my friend) told me it was best not to, he’d probably get the ‘wrong idea’ (yes, my eyebrows are wiggling for emphasis here!).

So we walked on, with me muttering Wa’ever like a mad woman, marvelling at how well he’d used it. But, like… wa’ever, innit?

– The Londoner


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  1. Lol! Masha Allah.

  2. Honestly dude, I just came back from Marrakech (doesn’t have a foot to stand on compared to Cairo!) and the traders and hustlers in Jama’ el Fna yelled out at us continuously “luvly jubly” and “allo, excuse me” in proper cockney accents. It’s just as well I kept my diva-ish sunglasses on and took sneaky peeks from the corners of my eyes to double check the cast of Eastenders weren’t filming on location, otherwise the offenders would have gained momentum and it would’ve never stopped!

    • Hahaha! Luvly jubly! Oh wow… I’m sure it’s not something we say often. Maybe we need to put them into a cast of Eastenders, or better still… put them IN FRONT of a TV set showing it. 🙂

  3. It was rather convincing and startling!

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