So…?! How is it?

You mean Cairo? Honestly, on the outside it looks pretty much the same, despite being very different.

Cars are still double-parked on the road, women still push and shove to get on the metro (despite clearly entering and exiting through the wrong doors), the leaves of trees are still camaflouged by dust, cars still sit bumper to bumper in traffic and they honk as loud as ever. Yes, this is still Cairo cosmetically, but I’m all too aware how the revolution has changed this bustling overcrowded city in ways people never thought it would.

I returned on Thursday 24th February, and upon stepping foot out of the airport, memories of my first time struck me quite clearly. This is definitely Cairo, and although the smell wasn’t offensive in the least, it was distinctly laced with Caironess (and please, don’t ask me what exactly that is… but if you’ve been here, you’ll know what I mean).

There was an obvious sign of change: army tanks dotted on our route home. They didn’t actually seem menacing, but more decorative – beige amongst the sepia of Cairo and the desert. An almost beautiful sight.

Upon reaching the entrance to the building I live in, a wide, bright smile cracked onto the face of the building’s doorman. It was as though he had been greeted by a long-lost sister. I guess he thought that I would never come back, but little did he know of my feelings of yearning to be back on sandy soil.

I will get back to posting about my adventures out here. I didn’t know how much I had taken Cairo for granted before the evacuation, and since returning I’ve made it my mission to get out more and see Cairo – it’s good, bad and beautiful.

It’s great to be home!

– The Londoner


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  1. And WELCOME BACK!! We’re all glad you’re back and looking forward to all your posts 🙂

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