A Step Into Reality

Ironic, isn’t it? The first post after my week of no blogging mentions money, and the art of spending it.

I’ll get this out of the way: I’m a self-proclaimed online shopping junkie. Back in London, I did most of my food and clothes shopping online – well, H&M was an exception because they didn’t have an online store then, and I tell you, I was always frustrated about that. Sorry, I digress.

So yeah, I’ve never liked the idea of traipsing around shops, trying to sniff out something nice, having my toes stepped on by people who are also trying to find something to buy and honestly, I think I was an anti-social like that.

And now that I think about it, online shopping has its hidden benefit of saving you from buying things ‘on-the-whim’ like so often happens when in the supermarket and you come across a buy-two-get-one-free offer you weren’t previously aware of, and you end up buying 3 packets of biscuits when you only really wanted to buy some bread and eggs. See what I mean?

Anyway, when I found out that my shopping escapades on ASOS would have to stop on arrival to Cairo, I almost had a hissy fit! It’s not that they don’t deliver to Egypt, they do. The problem lies in the fact that it may never make it from the airport (or wherever incoming packages arrive) to my door. The postal system here is… well… has a lot to be desired, and a great indication of how weird it is, is the lack of post boxes on the front door of flats/homes.

Cairo has forced me to do the unthinkable: shopping in real-life! My mum never understood what my problem was, and for some time I was convinced that I must be the weirdest girl woman alive – women lurve shopping, right? Uh-uh… not me. Now though, I’ve shifted to the other side of the spectrum where I absolutely love shopping… well, maybe not absolutely, but on the last few shopping trips (the most recent being yesterday! *blush*) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite feeling slightly exasperated having to traipse all over City Stars when I had intended to just people-watch for the day.


City Stars is one of my favourite people watching places, but I think I’ll have to leave my purse at home the next time I visit, because this new step into reality is sure to leave me without a pound in my pocket.

– The Londoner

p.s. Thank you for your warm words both here and in my email inbox. You are the coolest people ever! Much love.

p.p.s. This is totally random and unrelated, but does the name ‘Yimika’ sound Japanese?


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  1. Welcome back! No more “breaks” ok? You’re not allowed! 🙂

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