Ibn Tulun Mosque – 29.10.10

On the 29th October (yes, over a month ago!) I visited Ahmad ibn Tulun mosque in the district of Islamic Cairo with my author-friend Na’ima B. Robert.

The mosque of Ibn Talun was built in 876-879 (yes, THREE years!) and was the religious center of al-Qata’i’, the dynastic military citadel founded by Ahmad ibn Talun. It was designed by a Christian architect and covers an area of 3 hectares.

Its minaret was once the tallest in the world, and I can tell you, that even though I got only half way up it, it was high! Thank God the tour-guide-keeper guy said it was closing time, because I don’t know if I could have handled going all the way to the top!

It was an amazingly warm day, with a beautiful breeze and picturesque blue sky decorated with wispy light clouds. The sandy-coloured walls of the mosque and courtyard made a picture-perfect scene, and I happily snapped away with my camera. Here is a selection of shots I took. Unfortunately, the quality has been compromised due to having to edit the resolution for them to be small enough for this blog.

Enjoy anyway!

– The Londoner


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  1. Salam sis, ur blog is excellent I feel like I’m sitting with you or chatting to you on the fone. You’re something else, you’re an amazing writer. Love you for the sake of Allah, wish I could share your experiences with you. Maybe I’ll join you one day or have my own experiences abroad inshallah. I wish I was as confident as you, alhamdulilah. I think I have potential to do alot though, i just need to be firm and be more open minded. I have only read your most frequent blogs but need to read much more.

    • Ya habibti! Wa ‘alaikumus-salaam. You’re too cute, you know that? You do realise that if you were here it would be *wild*! Say no more. Just get yourself out here asap inshaAllah. *mwah*

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