Love in a Department Store…

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a romantic at heart, and can be slightly emotional too. So I love the thought of being bought flowers, cards and chocolates, going on long walks and watching the sun set.

However, life has taught me I shouldn’t wear my heart on my sleeve because it only leaves me vulnerable and easily disappointed when feelings are not reciprocated. And as such, I’ve been trying to fine-tune my emotions in such a way that I don’t lock people out, but also not let them come too close too soon. I must say it has been a hard balancing act, and there are some times I’m glad that my heart doesn’t flutter at the smallest compliment.

Marriage, to me, is a sacred bond between two people, and at it’s foundation a couple should at least know one another relatively well. So you can imagine my dismay yesterday when a guy in Tawheed wa Nour (Egypt’s version of Argos) declared – in Arabic – his overwhelming love for me! I blushed with embarrassment at his attempt to get my number, and noticed he kept on pointing at my left hand, to indicate there was no sign of me already being taken.

While I commend him for being brave enough to put his heart on the line, I was really quite sad that he had cheapened the sanctity and beauty of marriage to a speed-dating fiasco where he expected me to say yes there and then. And when it comes down to the crunch, he didn’t know me in the least, and based this so-called ‘love’ purely on what his eyes could see  (which isn’t much, I assure you!). He never took into account that we could hardly communicate, that he really wasn’t my type, or that I hadn’t come into the store seeking a spouse.

I know they say love has no boundaries – and this is certainly true – but shouldn’t there be boundaries when seeking your soul mate? I don’t believe trying to rope him/her in at a department store is the best of ways.

– The Londoner


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  1. Okay, now that is just scary! Stay safe sis! and Insha Allah you will find that love of all loves 🙂

  2. Oh this made me laugh, reminds me of the time when someone proposed to my friend in a market in Turkey, offering carpets and camels for dowry :p
    I don’t think department stores are the way to go about finding your life partner but hey Allah works in mysterious way, you never know where the path of your future spouse meets with your path..

    ~Ruji x

    • Welcome to my blog Ruji (it is Ruji, right?). I have had camels offered to me too! It was actually when I first arrived in Egypt with my dad – the guy in the market offered 500 camels for my hand in marriage – the joke was that he had NO front teeth and looked older than my dad (who I must say, was often mistaken for my husband ‘cos he looks so young).

      I agree though, we can meet our soul mates in wonderfully weird places and in strange circumstances, but compatibility is vital.

  3. Why da hell wasn’t I offered any camels!!!

  4. Honey, it ain’t necessarily a good thing. When someone offers you camels simply based on your looks, it’s kinda superficial. Compatibility, interests and a ‘spark’ is a better basis, I think, but obviously attraction does have a role to play too. *mwah*

  5. I’d be careful…some guys do this to foreign looking women in hope that they can get married, gain access to her passport and leave Egypt to look for a job opportunity abroad. Not all cases but most.

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