It’s the Fuul!

This post has been in the making for several weeks… actually, over a month. I had meant to blog this on the day it happened, because it was so funny, but other things got in the way and it slipped into the back of my mind.

I was in the back of a car, on my way to Rehab City (or El Rehab, as it’s called) and the driver was one of the chattiest I’d ever had. He wasn’t your normal taxi driver, as the car wasn’t his. He worked for a private company who have drivers all over Cairo, and the cars are comfy with functional air conditioners.

So anyways, we were engaged in an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of living in Egypt and London, and I decided to agree to disagree ‘cos he was sensationally patriotic (as many Egyptians are) and I could see that he saw no fault in the country aside from the pollution, traffic and dirt.

He steered the Egypt is fantastic discussion to one about Egyptian food, and was grinning from ear to ear when I said that I actually liked ta’miyah (falafel), hawawshi (a grilled minced meat sandwich) and fuul (fava bean dish).

“It’s good for you,” he chimed, which I nodded politely at, because this could easily be contested, since ta’miyah is deep-fried and hawawshi uses a lot of fat/ butter. But he went a step further.

“Do you know why we have some of the best Qur’an reciters in the world?” He asked, not expecting me to know, of course.


“Because of fuul! We eat it for breakfast and the protein makes the voice sound sweet and strong.”


“Yes! It’s the fuul!”

Who am I to argue with that? Egyptians do have great voices when singing and reciting the Qur’an (although not all of them!) and since fuul is the breakfast dish here, maybe there’s some truth in it.

I suppose I should do a trial-run of fuul for breakfast for a month and see if I can compete with singers like Beyonce. Would I be a fool to think it’s all in the fuul?

– The Londoner


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  1. ROFL… I would have expected an answer such as, we drink boiled water coz hygiene levels of tap water aint all dat…
    Not that Fuuul makes voice good 😛

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