Egypt is winning…

I have a habit of speaking to myself. Not in the ‘Watch out for that wacko’ kind of fashion, but for emphasis’ sake. Like, “Girl, you need to be out of the house now! You’re gonna be late for work!” You know, that kinda thing.

So in recent talking-to-myself sessions I’ve been asking myself why I’m here (apart from work) and what I miss about London. I’ve drawn up a mental pros and cons list and it seems to be in Egypt’s favour at the moment. Drat!

The thing is, I don’t exactly miss London, per say (okay, maybe just a teeny weeny bit), I miss the people… people I love and people I know. I miss familiarity, security, fresh air, a working system… you know, things like that.

I’m not actually feeling homesick as I was a few weeks ago, but feel disappointed that I didn’t really appreciate some things while I was in London. But you know what? I’m not looking for London in Egypt, just need to find the beauty of Egypt in Egypt, because seriously, there is a whole lot of trash that obscures its beauty. Literally.

– The Londoner


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  1. ‘fresh air’ yess!! I know what you mean. Im in Inda at the moment and I am only now appreciating so many things about london also

    aaah but when it comes to comparing the weather otherwise…

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