Ear’s What’s Popping

Last night was the coldest night I’ve experienced in Cairo so far. I mean, it was so cold that I had to wear a chunky cardigan that my mum bought me before I left London (one that I will not be caught wearing on street!) and curled up under a blanket! You can ignore the fact that I get cold easily, and that London is currently ‘chapping’ (as my fellow south Londoners would say) – I didn’t think I’d have to plan the purchase of a heater so soon!

So anyway, I was shivering last night, and fell asleep wrapped up in the silliest of fashions (don’t ask!) and woke up with a stupendously piercing earache. It felt as though a pin had been jabbed into my eardrum a few hundred times and eating or swallowing sharpened the sensation to the extent that I thought that maybe – just maybe – I would skip breakfast (but with my theory about the body’s metabolism, I obviously couldn’t follow that through).

I keep digressing. I apologise.

I’ve had no choice but to bear it all day, even on a day like today where we had training sessions, and senior teachers were feeding us with words of wisdom. And as one teacher was talking me through a new subject I will be teaching next term (which I protested about at first, but have now happily agreed to teach as it increases my repertoire), she said, “I think I’ll tell you about the speaking tests another day, ‘cos you look like you’re slightly out of it,” I nodded in agreement, ‘cos I sure felt it!

I told her about my ear predicament, to which a senior teacher close by decided to joyfully tell me about his perforated eardrum that began with an earache that lasted for… wait for it… Six. Months.


Yes, you read that right. Six entire months! I cringed with distaste, because it’s not something you really want to hear when it feels like something is digging in your ear, is it? And the secret hypochondriac in me already believes there is something sinister going on in there. But I sure wouldn’t wait for it to last for six months.

– The Londoner


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