You Live in Egypt Now

Who wouldn’t be thankful: I’d been rescued on two occasions when my electricity cut out (which was incidentally due to the previous tenant failing to pay a hefty bill)! But when I asked a work colleague where I could buy nice Egyptian sweets from for them, I was asked, “Why?”

“Er, ‘cos they helped me with my electricity.”


So? So?! Erm, when you’re a woman who was feeling homesick and slightly emotional, having a neighbour fix your electricity in the middle of the night isn’t just so!

“‘Cos I wanna say thank you!”

“Why? You’re in Egypt now.”

Like I needed to be reminded! I totally did not and still do not understand why the Egyptian colleague didn’t understand my need to show my wonder-neighbours some gratitude. My parents brought me up to be grateful to people who did good to me, even living in London instilled that in me, and here I was being told it’s something I shouldn’t bother with in Egypt.

I simply beg to differ; there are some things that living in Cairo won’t change. And they loved sweets!  *grin*

– The Londoner


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