Ice-cold Shower

You know, it’s funny how things pan out – the way you think you’re in control, super-composed and have an armour of steel to battle any situation. And then you’re given a wakeup call with a bucket of ice-cold water and realise that in reality you’re not much beneath all that steel.

I’m still shivering from that ice-cold shower, as I’m beginning to learn about myself. Like, really learn. You know, one of those types that leaves you chewing the end of your pencil when you really should be jotting down notes. Moments of staring into space as you think back to who you thought you were and ponder over the ‘you’ you’re discovering. Trials and tests do that do you… well,they’ve done that to me, and I’m grateful. Shivering, but humbled.

– The Londoner


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  1. Assalam aleikoum,
    Truth is that we’re over protected in our western societies, we don’t really sense/experience real life.
    And even like that, we complain and complain again instead of saying al hamdulillah and thanking God.
    Wanting to end up with saying that It’s a joy reading your comments. It’s like living another life, waking up to the reality.

    From a French/moroccan girl to the Londoner living in Cairo.

    • Wa alaikum salam,

      Thank you for your very interesting comment and encouragement, Fatima. *smiles* I’m interested in knowing what you consider ‘real life’ to be – is it synonymous with a hard life?

      – The Londoner

      • Not at all, I may be wrong but I think that we, as privileged societies, do not really appreciate the wonderful things we were given.
        I sometimes feel that we do not live in reality but in “fantasia” full all created needs.
        Real life is more like contentment, I’d say.

      • Thank you for the clarification. Yes, I definitely agree that we take things for granted and see privileges as rights, and so do not appreciate them.

      • Another question: isn’t life what you make it?

  2. deep, evocative and thought-provoking

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