And… cut!

I wasn’t doing anything particularly important, pottering around my room, looking for a towel or something thereabout. I recall walking out of the room, which had the main light switched on, and thinking that I should try to save a little energy and use the bedside lamp to luminate the room. So all I did – I’m being absolutely honest here! – all, I did was switch off the main light and switched on the bedside lamp, walked over to a window and POOF! Blackout!

In all my twenty-something years of life I cannot recall ever being caught up in a powercut on my own (key phrase!) and the first thing I did was just sit down. Yes, I say that with no degree of shame at all, I sat down and did nothing for 10 whole seconds. I laugh now, but at the time I felt depressing helplessness plonk itself on my shoulder and I had no desire to move. Then reasoning slapped helplessness away and the thought-lightbulb illuminated my mind enough for me to have a look outside to see if anyone else was affected (or if it was my bedside lamp that killed my fusebox). Seeing lights a few blocks away threw my heart out to sea, but a little commonsense inspection brought it right back as I realised it wasn’t just me – the adjacent  block was blacked-out too. *phew* Relief, or what!

The thought-lightbulb got a little brighter and led me to attempt to locate my BlackBerry – thank God for phones with an LED flash – my HTC Hero has a lot to be desired in that department, and is terrible for taking pictures at night. I digress! While fiddling around with the BlackBerry, trying to figure out how to put the flash on without having to snap dozens of photos, the entire room streamed with a soft peach light as the power returned. I actually walked around in  a slight daze for a few seconds, as though I’d been thrown into an unfamiliar room.

If this incident has taught me anything it’s this: I’ve got to service my thought-lightbulb to switch on from the onset of a crisis, no matter how trivial. And I’ve got a thing or two to say about power/energy-saving and recycling – a whole post, in fact!

– The Londoner


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  1. aww subhanAllah you must’ve had the shock of your life, but welcome IN Egypt as they say! I’ve experienced an egyptian style powercut a few times on my street as well. If you’ve got a balcony try and seek refuge there because you’ll notice that other residents will come out on their balconies too, that way you won’t feel alone!

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