Reversion in Old Age

Let’s let it be known that I’m not exactly old; infact, it’s been said that I look like a 20 year-old. I’ll take the compliment, thanks!

In my spring chicken years I was a slight in-your-face kind of girl: when I met someone new, I’d leave knowing their name, where they’re from and maybe their telephone number. Maybe. Naturally I’m talking about ladies here – guys… sorry, no! I’ve always been fun-loving – having a great time with great people is always something to write home about, but as I inch close to my 3-0’s I’m noticing a reversion that is niggling at me ever so slightly.

During a Skype conversation with a dear friend last night, I asserted that I’m becoming more of a recluse in some ways, and tend to prefer my own company. No doubt, spending quality time with loved ones is great, eating out is fun (but not when you’ve done it for 14 days in a row out of necessity!), and going on excursions to the theatre and the cinema with close friends is something I’m sorely missing out here, nevertheless, the thought of making efforts to attain companions here is one that I like to push the back of my mind. It could be the security of being comfortable with who I know, and the level of trust I have in certain people; the lack of knowledge of Egyptian Arabic is quite crippling relationship-wise, too.


I’m currently surviving on Skype, Windows Live call and Facebook; they’re my lifelines back home, and for now, I’ll devour the 10 novels I brought with me! Things Fall Apart is currently on the menu – The Girl Who Killed the Hornet’s Nest was worth every penny!

– The Londoner


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  1. You’ve gotta read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, love it!

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