The Perfect Picture

I’ve never been one for drawing, and have often been told that I’m so useless at drawing that I can’t even draw a simple fish. I agree wholeheartedly. And so when it came to painting a picture of Cairo before arriving, I just didn’t bother; I was sure that I would fail to do it justice and cause some serious offence.

Life has taught me that it’s vital to keep an open mind about things, and just take them as they come. Afterall, high expectations often leave one feeling depressed when they aren’t met. And thus it was with Egypt: I just flew out (literally) without researching much, ‘cos I wanted it to paint its own picture. The one that has been plastered on my mind’s canvas is rather an amalgamation since Cairo is loud, dusty, insanely busy, (not as crowded as people think), and a far cry from clean in terms of London. But that’s what makes it Cairo, and to try to re-paint it and mould it into a mini-London would rob it of its activity and buzzing vibes. I think I’m done trying to paint the perfect picture, here – I’m taking this art of Cairo just as it is and embracing it… I’ll be out here for a while, afterall.

– The Londoner


Posted on September 19, 2010, in Ruminations about Cairo. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

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